Adult Chicken Pox, Not Only Small Children Can Get Chickenpox

"It's been great if you get chickenpox, it's a child's disease." Eits, make no mistake, adult chickenpox can afflict people of all ages. Adults or adolescents who have never had chickenpox in childhood or who have never had chickenpox immunization are actually exposed to chickenpox. Who says chickenpox is a disease that is monopolized by small children? Adults can also develop diseases caused by the varicella-zoster virus. Adult chickenpox is more likely to occur in pregnant women and adults whose immune systems are low. Regarding Adult Chickenpox Symptoms, Complications, and Transmission Just like what happens to young children, itchy and blistered bumps will also grow throughout the body of adults who suffer from chickenpox. These blisters can appear anywhere, even in the mouth, and develop for several days. Adult chickenpox can make sufferers lose their appetite and feel tired. One or two days before the water bumps appear, usually patients with chickenp
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